Images Terms & Conditions

When choosing the size of your image it is important to consider a few factors.

1) Most images are not a perfect square. Customers have requested an 11” X 11” image and unlessthe image is a square shape, this isn't possible. The software allows us to input the length orwidth, which automatically adjusts the other length or width, otherwise the image will distort.For example, using a rectangular type image, we can enter 11inches wide and the software willadjust the length automatically to prevent a stretched or distorted appearance. When requesting aspecific size image, please give us the number of inches you want printed on the LONGEST side. We can take it from there!

2) Images must be in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or vector format. We do not recommend sendingscreenshots of images for print as the final result will be less than suboptimal. Ideally, an imageshould be a minimum of 300dpi to get a crisp image.

3) Your image should also have a transparent background. There is a $3.00 fee to remove a background from an image.

4) We do our best to print image the size you request. However, there may be small fluctuations. For example, a request for 11-inch image includes one side to the other. This will include any graphics such as dots, stars, or any small graphic that is on the image.

5) We are not graphic designers. We can do some minor alterations and additions, but if your image requires the use of a graphic designer, we have to send it to the experts. Their prices are very reasonable, and we will charge you what they charge us. We do not pad those prices.

Gang Sheets

We do offer GANG SHEET pricing at $3.50 per linear foot!
What is a gang sheet? You pick the size below based on how many images you need. Fit asmany images as you can on that sheet for one price. For example two 11 X 11 images can fit on a22” X 12” sheet, but so can four 5” X 5” images. Crams as much as you can in that sheet for a set price!