Custom Orders

Can't find what you were looking for? Have something specific in mind? We're happy to help. Just contact us at the email below and let us know what you'd like.

We can print any film transfer for you on our commercial-grade printer or customize an existing design. Prices vary based on the service required. If printing an existing design in the correct format, we charge only $5.00 per design. The digital file can be in PNG, SVG, PDF or AI format and must be at least 300dpi. Please specify approximate size of printed design. Gang sheets are $3.75/square foot and trust us - we try to squeeze them in as compactly as we can while leaving enough space for cutting margins.

Please note that if ANY customization, modification, or altering is required, we will charge for this service as we have to engage our professional graphic designer.

To order, send the digital file with instructions, desired size, and quantity to

We look forward to bringing your ideas to life!